* Awakening
* Elemental & EnT Omni Council Governance
* Arth Law Initiation
* Global Humanitarianism
* Global Healing & Consciousness
* Sek Elvenesce Initiation
* Nibiru Contact
* Global Sek Elvenesce
* Galactical Realignment of Planets
* Aftermath Cleanup & Rehabilitiation
* Sek Elvenesce Omni Supre Natural Communities
* Universal Omni Parague Paresis ­ Universal Consciousness Awakening
* Transcendence

Earth has started its evolution to become a sun ­- hence global warming.
The planet will be shifted to a better suited spot, for other planets to join it.
As Earth heats up humans will relocate to these other planets.
The shift experience for humans will be a conscious one.
Having an Elemental & EnT Mentorship, all details will be shared.
The sciences known, the planning and protocols understood and followed, for a most extraordinarily exciting ride ever to occur.

The entire event, will be with worldwide citizen involvement, participation,
cooperation and action.
And in the process, a grand healing of Life will begin, to facilitate Consciousness, Unity Love and Absolute Harmony for All Species.

Embryonic stage Planning ­ Messages relating to NAPP, are posted here, giving the guidelines and building the foundations for the proposed conferences to begin.

Planning NAPP World Wide Participation – Taskforcing NAPP ­ NAPP Forum
NAPP Conferences – NAPP Events – Government Involvement ­
Using all the Communing Paradigmshaving an Elemental and EnT mentorship and Subscribing to all the Service Blogs is your first step for involvement and participation.

Planning Global Healing Presentations with emphasis on Elemental Communing &
Conduitism for those participating.
A new concept in conference participation, the Elemental Guide speaking through its human conduit.

Planning the Sek Elvenesce Communities
​​– Supre Natural Omni Holistic Living.
Created and managed entirely by Elemental Guidance.
Funding – land – transitional living – building – water engineering – agri­planning­
For the first stage construction to begin.

Planning World Wide Humanitarianism, initially through Philanthropy, to initiate the machinery designed by the Elementals to supply opportunities, platforms, networking and funding for ordinary citizens to deliver humanitarian service.
Individuals first learn the Elemental messaging system which enables action in many new areas in their lives.

Planning Nibiru Inclusion
​​Nibiruan Language Workshops, New Galactical Communication Technology Conference, First Fleet Contact Protocols, Earth­Nibiru Relationship Protocols, Nibiruan Relocation Planning.
All messages related to Nibiru, are to be posted on Nibiru Infoblog

Planning Arth Law Initiating ­ - Harmonic Revolution a cessation of harm movement. First addressing human and animal slaughter ­warfare and the slaughter of animals and birds for food.
Food manufacturers will be requested to adopt guidelines for satisfying, medicinal and New Blueprint nutrition meat substitutes.
Elementals will be assisting the Nature Realms to change, with human stewardship assistance.
Note: there will be information circulated concerning the correct diet change needed for each animal.

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